Lockers are vital these days with the increase in value of a student’s school bag. Recent studies have suggested the average school bag is worth over £500! A student’s bag now contains stationary, snacks, cosmetics, mobile phones, gym kit, books and iPads/Tablets.

The benefits of a student locker

Providing Lockers for students has a number of benefits for the student and school:

  • Responsibility – Students are responsible for their own locker and in effect their own private space. Nonetheless they have to learn the educational establishment’s rules on locker usage and adhere to those rules. So there is further emphasis on responsibility through learning.
  • Respect – Lockers teach students to look after theirs and others personal property. The likelihood is that they will see their locker as a safe space to store their valuables and will be confident they are secure. This will ensure they respect other people’s property in the same way.
  • Privilege – Lockers are provided on a temporary basis to the student in line with the rules of usage. The locker offers the student ease and accessibility in that they need not carry everything around with them. However, should a student fall foul of the locker rules, this privilege can be taken away, and the student will learn that life is not always easy.
  • Health & Safety – Lockers offer the educational establishment an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution to the safe storage of items to avoid health and safety risks. This keeps corridors and other key areas free from clutter and gets a tick on the HSE Inspection.
  • Safe & Secure Charging – Laptop/iPad charging lockers allow a seamless start to the school day. The electronic items can be safely stored overnight and will be fully recharged for the students, when they arrive the next day. These lockers also provide a GDPR tick as well.
  • Time Management – The provision of Lockers for students provides them with the opportunity to learn the key life skill of Time Management. Students have a designated amount of time in between classes when they can prepare for the next class. They need to think ahead and plan how to manage their time so they won’t be late. The ability to constructively manage time is relevant in all areas of life, including careers, relationships, homework and studying.
  • Social Interaction – Lockers enable students to converse with a wider group of people than their immediate peer group. Student’s gather near lockers and this is where a lot of relationships are formed. Another core life skill – communication – is developed here and this will aid the student in other social settings and their future work career.

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