Why should businesses take their recycling seriously?

It will save the business money

Most market leading waste contractors want to work with business to increase your good quality source segregated recycling. These contractors can sell this recycled product on to reprocessors and in turn pass cost savings back to you.

Build a better business reputation

Your business will be able to attract new clients, enhance your chances of winning contracts and improve your customer retention rates by demonstrating your environmental responsibility through your recycling efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Recycling in your business can lead to the meeting of legal obligations, as well as positioning your company as an organisation that cares about the social environment in which it operates. More value is placed on this by internal and external stakeholders than you think!

Environmental Benefits

And don’t forget, if your business recycles, it means less disposal of waste to landfill and less overall harm to the environment. Go for Zero to Landfill!

Recycling bins
Recycling Bins Brochure 2019

So how can we help your business, not only improve its environmental credentials, but also save money?

Recycling Bins

CSRB Limited source some of the most innovative, cost effective and visually attractive bins from within the UK. Many of our bins are made from 100% recycled plastic and offer many bespoke characteristics.

Easy to use and eye catching internal or novelty recycling bins ensure recycling is kept on the agenda of your organisation and also drive recycling rates up.

Our recent article on increasing recycling rates in organisations supports the role recycling bins play in a cohesive recycling and waste strategy.

Recycling Bins
Waste Collection Services

Waste Collection Services

CSRB Limited have a service driven and competitive waste collection service for all organisations. Whether it is regular scheduled 240L/660L/1100L Wheelie Bin collections or Kerbside Bag collections our waste collection service is for you.

We collect a number of waste streams such as Mixed Recycling, Card & Paper, Food Waste and Mixed Glass. We also collect General Waste, however this goes through an extensive sorting process at our reprocessing facility post-collection to maximise recycling prior to landfill.

Did you know that by recycling more there could be cost savings for your organisation of up to a third for each recycling bag/bin you fill over general waste? Our article A responsible guide to Corporate Waste offers advice on how organisations can increase recycling efforts. There are many benefits to switching over to us for your waste collection services and these include no long-term or auto renewal contracts.

Recycling Consultancy for Schools

Recycling Consultancy for Schools

CSRB is passionate about recycling within our schools and fully understands the pressures schools work under with a packed curriculum and a budget that needs to work across a multitude of areas.

We provide expert advice on how schools can increase recycling efforts practically, that derive cost savings but still empower pupils and staff alike with new knowledge. Our consultancy and recycling workshop’s are centred around supporting tomorrow’s environmentalists.

Our recent article focuses on recycling in schools and the importance of early education as a tool to personal development and efficiency savings for the school.

Whilst we provide a number of consultancy options our Recycling and Waste Workshop for Schools is our most popular.

Novelty Bins for Schools
Chartered Institute of Waste Management
Recycling Consultancy for Business

Recycling Consultancy for Business

With the production of waste in the commercial sector rising at an alarming rate year on year and corporate social responsibility high on the agenda for many organisations, CSRB Limited can help.

We are specialists in Recycling and Sustainability. As Chartered Institute of Waste Management members we work with a number of organisations in a variety of ways. The main requirements from business are usually centred around cost savings, efficiency savings and increased recycling rates. CSRB works with each individual organisation, as we are all unique, to look at it from a bottom up approach.

We consult with key stakeholders in the organisation and review all practices. Corporate Social Responsibility and being a sustainable organisation that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously is vital for growing the brand of that organisation, amongst a range of other benefits.

For example we recently helped an organisation save 32% on their waste disposal, whilst driving employee engagement in recycling up 76%. Contact us today to discuss the consultancy packages available

Chartered Institute of Waste Management

If you need advice with any of the products or services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us:
info@csrb.co.uk or call us on 0117 3250 830

If you need advice with any of the products or services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us:
or call us on

0117 3250 830