Case Study: PHC Parts – Interview with Digital Marketing Manager Kai Johnson-Smith

One of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of spare parts for heating, cooling and energy control systems, PHC Parts deals with high volumes of products to customers from all over the country. As a result, they produce a prodigious amount of paperwork.

In the run up to the introduction of new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 the company decided to take a long hard look at their current policy and formed a ‘GDPR Task Force’.

Kai Johnson-Smith, the company’s Digital Marketing manager says it was a situation that already needed remedying. ‘Beyond the statutory requirements for retaining financial documents as set out by HMRC, we tended to just keep our old confidential waste on site. There was a huge backlog!’

Although there was already a process in place for dealing with ‘hyper-sensitive data’, which was destroyed on site using an in-house cross-cut shredder, the Task Force decided to approach CSRB, keen to make use of a face to face consultation. Kai was impressed by CSRB’s expertise about GDPR and the convenience of working with a local waste management firm.

CSRB Ltd were a Game Changer for PHC Parts

The consultation with Chris Burn of CSRB proved to be a game changer for the company’s approach to dealing with personal and sensitive printed materials, ‘Chris was particularly helpful, and broadened our knowledge on data destruction. He set out some steps we could take to deal with this in a way that adhered to the GDPR legislation, and we felt safe in his hands – so it made sense for us to work with CSRB.’

CSRB now provide a variety of services for PHC Parts across their network of branches, including regular on site secure document shredding services, secure waste bins and certificates of destruction.

Kai says that the switch to using our services has been smooth, ‘The biggest challenge was reminding staff to dump any old paperwork in our secure destruction bins! We just needed to get used to changing our paperwork disposal habits.’

CSRB Ltd make dealing with GDPR as painless as possible

The big worry for many companies when it comes to thinking about GDPR is the added burden it places on employees. Kai says that CSRB made this as painless as possible. ‘Once staff members realised that there was really no extra work involved in securely disposing of paperwork, it was met with a positive reaction: especially as they don’t have to spend time shredding paperwork themselves!’

The new regulation has now become integral to the company’s working practices, ‘To help ensure that no paper with sensitive data on is sent through insecure channels, we’ve adopted a policy of “If in doubt, send it out [to CSRB]!”. We’d rather err on the side of caution for this.’

Kai is happy to recommend CSRB to other companies rethinking their management of sensitive data, ‘It has been very easy working with CSRB, they provided everything we needed – from on-site shredding to the secure waste bins and the knowledge on how to ensure we stay well within the guidelines set out by GDPR.’