Case Study: Bristol Animal Rescue Centre Interview with General Manager Eddie Grinham

In 1886, a Bristol man named Edward T. Parker found a puppy lost in the snow. He scooped the animal up and took it home to be fed and cared for. This chance encounter sparked the foundation the following year of an organisation that would grow to become Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, the largest local animal charity in the country. 14,000 vulnerable animals come through their doors every year where they are cared for and rehomed where possible.

Such a huge operation inevitably creates a lot of waste and not just the animal kind. General Manager Eddie Grinham runs the organisation’s day to day operations from their headquarters in the St Philip’s area of Bristol where he has to deal with the mountains of paperwork that the charity produces.

Tougher EU regulations regarding confidential data

When the European Union introduced new, tougher regulations for the storage and disposal of confidential and personal data in May 2018 (GDPR), the organisation decided to take another look at their current methods for processing paperwork and correspondence with their stakeholders. ‘We were using sensitive waste bags, which were stored in a locked cupboard, until the waste was collected for secure destruction by another company.’

Reading through the new legislation Eddie realised the current system simply wasn’t secure enough. ‘We could be doing more to ensure the safety of our sensitive waste,’ he decided. There was also a practical reason for change. ‘It was a case of storage, as the bags had to be moved further back into the cupboard throughout the month, until the day of collection when they would be removed.’

A former employee recommended a visit from CSRB to help them implement a more secure system. CSRB assessed their needs and made a number of recommendations. As a result Bristol Animal Rescue Centre have changed their approach to dealing with their sensitive data.

Locked Confidential Waste bins make life easier

Central to this new system is the removal of bulky waste bags in favour of a cleverly designed furniture solution. ‘We now have four locked cabinets that look like and blend in well with our regular office furniture. Sensitive waste is just posted into the locked cabinet and forgotten about.’

The convenient new system has been welcomed by members of staff who find it easy to use, making what initially appeared to be onerous new controls into a hassle free part of their daily routine. ‘We no longer have to move heavy secure waste sacks around; CSRB do everything when they arrive. It is a very slick and efficient service making our day to day running much easier.’

Eddie is happy to have made the switch to the service and says Bristol Animal Rescue Centre would recommend CSRB Limited to other companies looking to improve their systems. ‘It’s effective, easy to use and the cost is reasonable too.’

Saving time and making waste the least of your problems is our business. In the case of Bristol Animal Rescue Centre that meant allowing staff member’s valuable energy to be channeled in the direction of the many vulnerable animals under their care.