Frequently asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions are shown below, if however you need any more information about any of our products or services please feel free to call on 0117 3250 830 or email

Confidential Waste

Confidential Waste is defined as any personal information that can be used to identify individuals. This can include name, address, contact numbers and any financial information.

There are many examples. Client records, patient records, invoices, quotes, delivery notes and purchase orders are some of the common day examples in UK business.

Yes. Both the UK Data Protection Act (2018) and the EU piece of legislation entitled the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) covers the secure handling of paper confidential waste, ensuring it is both stored securely (e.g. Confidential Waste Bins) and destroyed properly (e.g. Shredding).

UK organisations need to ensure that all paper confidential data is securely stored after and during use, prior to secure destruction. Secure destruction  can take the form of secure shredding (with the issue of a Certificate of Destruction), secure archive storage or secure scanning of confidential papers.

Initially CSRB Limited offer a FREE 1hr consultation on how Confidential Waste impacts your organisation. This will include discussions on compliance, safe and secure storage in the workplace and secure destruction/storage. Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation.

Yes. We offer both scheduled (e.g. monthly) shredding services and on demand (e.g. one off visits) shredding services.

Allowing CSRB Limited to shred your confidential documents offers the following benefits to your organisation: time saving (your colleagues can do something more proactive with their time), cost saving (CSRB offer some of the most cost competitive shredding in the UK), compliance (Certificate of Secure Destruction provided which is required by law for audits by local authorities and ICO) and peace of mind (in most cases we shred on site in our secure vehicles minimising any potential data leaks through the transfer of data).

Confidential Waste Bins are a vital part of the Confidential Waste strategy for any organisation.

They offer secure storage for confidential papers prior to destruction, with each unit having a lock, in addition to a paper aperture.

CSRB Limited offer a wide range of UK manufactured Confidential Waste Bins, with many made from 100% recycled plastic. CSRB has ensured the product offering is aesthetically pleasing on the eye and suits all organisations internal environments.

We also offer our Confidential Waste Console (manufactured from FSC accredited wood) as part of our scheduled shredding services. Have a look at our Confidential Waste Bins in our online shop

Recycling Bins & Strategy

Recycling has so many hidden advantages to all organisations.

Whether it is going for Zero to Landfill targets, implementing a recycling strategy to achieve sustainability targets or simply looking to make waste contract savings – an effective Recycling strategy will put your organisation above the rest.

CSRB Limited have already worked with organisations within the Education, Local Government, Legal, Finance and Commercial sectors with great success. Contact us today for a FREE 1 hour consultation.

It will save your business money. How? One example is the removal of under desk bins in offices and the replacing of them with internal recycling bins. Cost savings can be derived from reduced commercial cleaning hours (less bins to empty, whilst capacity has not been compromised) and the increase of good quality source segregated materials (waste contractors want this and will offer cost savings).

Additionally it will help enhance your businesses reputation, meet corporate social responsibility targets and overall help the environment in which we all operate.

There are many additional benefits derived from recycling. Many SME’s find savings on new purchases, access to grant opportunities and happier employees to be among their top ranked benefits from recycling. There are many more! Contact CSRB Limited today to find out more.

Recycling bins are receptacles for the storage of source segregated waste streams (e.g. paper/cans/plastics/cardboard/food waste) and come in a variety of sizes, finishes and bespoke specifications.

They are often the part of the organisations waste strategy that gets missed out but is the most crucial both in terms of good quality recycling and visual image of the organisation. CSRB Limited supply 100% recycled plastic bins, in addition to Novelty Recycling Bins!  Visit the CSRB Limited online store to see our innovative range of recycling bins

Introducing Recycling Bins into your organisation is the most crucial step in achieving the cost savings available from recycling.

Why? They meet the waste at source and educate the user!

The bins in conjunction with a cohesive communication campaign and waste strategy will enable your business to make a return on investment on the bins many times over, in addition to ongoing monthly cost savings.

CSRB Limited have worked with organisations in Commercial Offices, Education (primary, secondary & further), Leisure and Local Government amongst others with great results. Contact us today for a FREE 1hr Recycling Review!

The common image of the wheelie bin at home, is very different to the recycling bin offerings available for the commercial and industrial sectors. There are many designs, finishes and styles that can reflect and promote your organisation without crucially compromising the practicality of the product. Who thought a recycling bin could help attract and retain new clients!

Contact CSRB Limited today and take advantage of our 1hr free consultation.

Lockers & Personal Storage

Lockers are cabinets or cupboards that have a door and can be locked securely.

There are many examples. Personal effects such as Handbags, mobile phones, keys and other valuables are the most common. However, there is such a large range of lockers, that all manner of items can be stored securely (e.g. Laptops or Workwear).

There can be many reasons why organisations need lockers. From securing important work equipment, such as PDA’s in a distribution environment to employees personal items in Offices to the safe storage of School pupils belongings.

There are many. Lockers provide safe and secure storage for a whole host of items. Lockers help your organisation be compliant with the current Data Protection Act (2018) and GDPR regulations. They also benefit your employees, as you are caring for them, by providing safe and secure storage for their personal items.

No! There are many varieties of lockers available, in a whole host of attractive and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Lockers can fit in with your organisations environment and can be tailored to add value to your organisation. For example Laptop charging lockers enable electrical equipment to not only be safely stored at night, but enable no downtime in the morning as the equipment is fully charged and ready to go.

Tailored Service and the industry leading Probe range of Lockers. We understand that every organisation is different and each organisation has its own unique requirements and space issues. From our onsite survey to our diverse range with a wide range of aesthetically pleasing finishes our Lockers solutions will offer many benefits to your organisation.

Yes! There are a number of ways where you can actually recover your initial investment in Lockers. Contact CSRB Limited to find out more!

Office Furniture

Commercial Office Furniture can take the form of Desks, Storage Units, Seating, Meeting & Conference room furniture, Breakout area seating, Executive furniture, Reception area furniture, Storage & Filing units and much more.

Apart from the obvious, that being you need somewhere to sit and work, your office furniture can provide a modern, safe and efficient environment for your employees, which ultimately improves staff morale and promotes recruitment and retention.

Office Furniture is a crucial element in the design of your workspace. It promotes your company, your brand and your company values. Visitors impressed by your premises are much more likely to do business with you and help your business grow.

Yes. Space Planning is the correct and effective planning of a workspace in order to ensure a space is utilised to its maximum capacity and that this produces a work friendly and safe environment.

CSRB Ltd offer a free 1hr initial consultation to discuss all of your requirements and how your workspace can be maximised taking into consideration aesthetic, operational and financial considerations.

We offer a large and diverse range of Office Furniture. All of our office furniture is environmentally friendly and uses FSC accredited woods. We also remove all packaging from site and recycle this. We care about your organisations internal and external environment.

We offer a wide range of products with a Next Working Day lead time. Furthermore, our wider range carries a maximum of 4 weeks lead time from order. Please contact us to discuss any timescales you need to work within.

No and Yes! Our furniture is not fully assembled upon dispatch, in order to keep packaging to a minimum, whilst also allowing the most efficient delivery possible. However, CSRB Limited deliver your office furniture to the exact UK mainland destination of your choice and then fully install the office furniture where you want it (except Next Day deliveries). For example if this is on Level 5 of your building, this is where we will deliver it and install it!

Yes! All our prices include supply, delivery and installation. Furthermore there are a number of additional ways you can recover your initial investment in Office Furniture. Contact CSRB Ltd to find out more!