When it comes to the secure storage and shredding of confidential waste we can help…

Confidential Waste Bins from only £95
A Range Confidential Waste Bins Available

The secure storage of Confidential Waste prior to destruction

The storage of confidential waste within the workplace is more than just about keeping the office tidy.

If it’s not stored correctly it could lead to data leaks, identity theft and fraud. By law, confidential waste must be kept in locked bins or secure locked office furniture.

Confidential Waste Bins

CSRB Ltd supply a range of GDPR compliant confidential waste bins and secure office furniture.

Our dedicated confidential waste bins are available either as a one-off purchase or can be rented as part of an annual service contract.

Bins are fully lockable, can be made from 100% recycled plastic, and are available in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs .

The secure shredding & disposal of Confidential Waste - from only £40
The secure shredding & disposal of Confidential Waste

The secure shredding & disposal of Confidential Waste

CSRB Limited offer confidential waste shredding & disposal services that are both flexible and cost-effective. We cater for businesses both large and small.

On demand Confidential Waste Paper Shredding

On demand service

Use as and when required
No contract
On-site (recommended) or off-site
Scheduled Confidential Waste Shredding

Scheduled service

Monthly collections
On-site shredding
Confidential Waste consoles provided

We are able to provide on-demand, one off collections for customers who only need us now and again, through to scheduled, regular collections, for companies who produce a constant stream of confidential waste.

Confidential Document Scanning

Confidential Document Scanning

Our Confidential document scanning service allows sensitive information that you need to keep to be digitised and stored securely in the cloud.

Not only is this an extremely cost-effective and compliant solution on how to handle confidential documents but it can also free up valuable office space.

Confidential Waste Polices from only £165
Confidential Waste Polices

Confidential Waste Policies

Having a Confidential Waste policy that gives clear, compliant and concise guidelines on what needs to happen regards the paper confidential waste in your organisation is vital.

This policy can be displayed in key business areas and an electronic copy made available to all employees.

The document is tailored to your organisation, just like a Health & Safety Policy would be. Our recent article demonstrated how we go about creating a confidential waste policy.

Confidential Document Storage

Confidential Document Storage

In many cases documents that companies are required to keep must be the original and scanned or digital versions are not an option.

For these situations we offer an off-site secure document storage and archiving service. Your documents are securely stored and indexed, making retrieval simple and quick.

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre-Case-Study

Case Study

Read how we helped the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre deal efficiently with their Confidential Waste.

PHC-Parts-Dealing with Confidential Waste - Case Study

Case Study

Read how we helped PHC Parts transform the way they cope with their Confidential Waste.


What type of documents constitute Confidential Waste?

There are many examples. Client records, patient records, invoices, quotes, delivery notes and purchase orders are some of the common day examples.

Is Confidential Waste currently regulated in the UK?

Yes. The Data Protection Act 2018 covers the proper handling of confidential waste, ensuring it is both stored securely and destroyed properly.

Does The Data Protection Act 2018 apply to your organisation?

Yes. If, as part of the everyday running of your business, you collect information on your key stakeholders such as name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth and credit card details.

This data could fall into the wrong hands. If it does your stakeholders could suffer as a result and this could include: Fraudulent activities (e.g. fake credit card transactions), Identity Theft and Financial Fraud.

Why choose us for your confidential waste requirements?

CSRB Limited supply confidential I.T. destruction and paper waste shredding & disposal services. We also supply a range of confidential waste bins and consoles sourced from leading manufacturers in the UK. These products will help make your business compliant with the new GDPR legislation.

Trusted partners

We only work with trusted partners to offer secure confidential waste disposal services, which lead to the issuing of a Certificate of Destruction for all confidential waste. Our partners carry a Higher Tier Waste Carriers Licence. They comply with ISO 9001, BS 15713 (Disposal of Confidential Waste in a secure and controlled manner, regulated by external audits) & BS 7858 (Security Screening of individuals employed in a security environment code of practice). They all carry enhanced DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) Certification.

Helping you become fully compliant

We also offer further consultancy to ensure your business is fully compliant with the new and upcoming confidential waste legislation. We will explain how the safe storage and destruction of confidential waste can lead to increased recycling and making some money back on that waste.

Free Consultancy

CSRB Limited offer an initial one hour free of charge consultation on how confidential waste can be handled in your business. This will include discussions on compliance, safe and secure storage in the workplace and secure destruction.

  • Cost effective

    Our services are surprisingly low-cost. Coupled with the time you save, by using us to shred your Confidential Waste, we represent great value for money.

  • Flexible

    We know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have a variety of services that will suit most situations.

  • Quality service

    We deal with everything for you so you don’t have to. We take our customer service very seriously, if you’re not happy nor are we.

  • Peace of mind

    GDPR and Data protection can be a bit of a mine field. By using our knowledge, experience and expert services you take the worry out of being compliant.

  • Great choice of Confidential Waste bins

    We have a range of Confidential Waste bins available that are aesthetically pleasing, great quality and can be made from 100% recycled plastic

“The confidential waste services that CSRB Ltd provide to us are reliable, efficient and extremely cost-effective.”

Eddie Grinham
General Manager
Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

If you need advice with any of the products or services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us:
info@csrb.co.uk or call us on 0117 3250 830

If you need advice with any of the products or services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us:
or call us on

0117 3250 830