It is very surprising to find out just how important office furniture is when trying to improve your company’s productivity. It also has a large say on increased brand awareness.

Boosting morale with better office furniture

We spend around eight hours a day in the offices we work in; almost as much time as we spend in our homes. The environment in which we work has a large say on our mental wellbeing and in turn our productivity in the workplace. Effective Space Planning and Office layout can boost employee morale and provide an increased sense of ownership.

Office furniture helps promote your brand

Many successful businesses have pointed towards office layout, ergonomically comfortable office furniture and a warm colour scheme as indicators of outstanding employee performance. It has also been argued, that corporate branding built into office furniture, has stimulated revenue and profit growth. No more so than on reception and entrance furniture.

So what can organisations do to improve staff morale and productivity with regards to office furniture?

  • Ergonomic Office Furniture – Given that over 8hrs a day is spent in an office environment behind a desk, the desk and chair are two of the most crucial pieces of furniture for your employees. Ergonomic chairs allow the employee to solely focus on the tasks in hand rather than worrying about an uncomfortable chair. Height adjustment is key here, as we are not all the same height, and injury can be caused by unsupportive chairs. Ergonomic furniture ticks the Occupational Health box.
  • Layout of Office Furniture – Otherwise known as Space Planning. When companies move premises or expand within their existing building this crucial task is often missed out. The arrangement of furniture and the space around that furniture shapes the morale and productivity of many employees. Everyone likes some personal and productive space.
  • Shape of Office Furniture – For example consider office furniture with rounded edges, as studies have found that rounded edges rather than straight, have helped to create positive emotions and creativity! Another study suggested that sitting in circles, rather than back-to-back or facing, encourages greater levels of cohesion and a collective mind set – something to consider when holding key meetings and meetings where collaboration is needed from all team members.
  • Environmentally Friendly Furniture – There is more value placed on this than most commentators think. Employees like to see themselves in a positive light and that they are socially responsible in the workplace. Having office furniture that is FSC accredited and has come from sustainable forests is one example of being socially responsible.

So when you’re redesigning your office, or moving into a new one, it might be worth planning to maximise the creativity of your staff with these techniques.

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