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How to increase the recycling rate in your organisation

We’ve all been there. Standing by the bins, an empty coffee cup or a box of old promotional materials in hand. Confronted with four different receptacles for plastic, paper, cardboard and general waste, which one do you choose? Are your materials even recyclable? Don’t you have something more important to do? In the general waste [...]

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How to create a secure confidential waste policy

Personal and confidential data has become one of the hottest topics of the last few years, with people becoming increasingly concerned about how their data is stored and disseminated by business. And rightly so. In 2015, Government statistics showed that 90% of large and 75% of small UK businesses experienced a data breach. While much [...]

Why are lockers a major benefit for Schools?

Lockers are vital these days with the increase in value of a student’s school bag. Recent studies have suggested the average school bag is worth over £500! A student’s bag now contains stationary, snacks, cosmetics, mobile phones, gym kit, books and iPads/Tablets. The benefits of a student locker Providing Lockers for students has a [...]

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